Meet Sydney, our Hiveminded Marketing Manager! Sydney values making connections, creating online communities, and validating the experiences of others. She spends most of her time at work building customized marketing strategies for clients and creating social media content. 

When Sydney isn’t implementing social media strategies, you’ll find her spending time with her precious daughter Amelia, writing poetry, and trying new things with her friends. We love Sydney’s entrepreneurial spirit, her big heart, and her pink power suit. 

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Sydney posed with her husband, daughter, and dog on a couch

Starting the Day Off Right

Sydney starts her day by greeting her coworkers and friends as she walks into the office (with an iced coffee in hand, of course). She then makes her way to the office she shares with her supervisor and good friend Bethany. On her way in, Bethany often tells her, “You look cute,” to which Sydney responds, “No, you look cute!”

photo of Sydney sitting on a brown leather chair

After greeting the team and chatting with Bethany a bit, Sydney checks her calendar to make sure she is prepared for the day and manages her time as needed. Then, she checks her emails and responds to messages that need her attention.

Sydney then logs onto our social media scheduler software to ensure that all scheduled posts are ready to go for the week. This is how she manages all of our clients’ social media accounts (along with ours).

This process typically includes adding graphics/captions to posts, inserting relevant hashtags, and proofreading. Other times, Sydney may look back at previous posts and campaigns to evaluate what worked (and sometimes, what didn’t). This helps to better inform her strategy going forward. 

Management, Meetings, & Miscellaneous Tasks

Sydney also manages the Hiveminded creative team, which takes up quite a bit of her time in the office. She oversees team members’ tasks, ensures they do not have too much on their plate, and collaborates with them on projects when she is able. We are thankful for her leadership!

Throughout the week, Sydney attends a wide variety of meetings, always bringing positive energy and light into the room. Sometimes, she meets with clients to discuss strategy and progress, while other times, she leads workshops for our team. 

Additionally, Sydney supplements tasks like email marketing, copywriting, and blog writing for our clients. She also monitors to make sure our clients’ websites are looking good and functioning properly. Sydney is truly a resource for the office because she possesses so many talents. Check out this SEO Guide she created! 

photo of smiling Sydney in a pink blazer

Getting Ahead of the Game

After Sydney completes her routine tasks, attends necessary meetings, and assists her coworkers, she takes time to revisit and further develop clients’ marketing and social media strategies. This often involves keyword research, hashtag research, creating content calendars, pulling insights from data, and brainstorming ideas for future content. 

photo of Sydney on a brown leather chair smiling and looking off in the distance

Sydney also uses this time to communicate with clients, checking in to see if they need anything, if there is room in their budget for additional services, and all is going well on their end. She continually ensures she has everything she needs from the clients to create meaningful content.

Day to day, you may even find Sydney filming video content for social media. Some of her videos offer SEO tips for beginners while others debunk common marketing myths. Her most recent LinkedIn video offers tips for developing and maintaining a social strategy. Check it out!

At the end of the day, Sydney finishes up her projects and makes sure all social media accounts are sorted. She then says goodbye to her coworkers and leaves the office, eager to reunite with her family. We are so thankful for her leadership on our team!

– Rachel