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What is Website Design and Website Development?

Some of the most effective marketing takes place on your business’s website. Like your social media accounts, your website is another “face” of your business, serving as a resource for your customers.
When done right, a website should be easy to navigate, contain helpful information, and convert your audience's interest into leads. Keep in mind, customers value both the design and the level of accessibility when using your website; this also applies to mobile sites, which are often more difficult to navigate.

What’s the difference between UI & UX Design?

When creating or managing a website, remember to balance user experience and user interface. User interface (UI) is something that someone interacts with to use a digital product or service ranging from touch screens to sounds to lights.
User experience (UX) is how someone interacts with or uses a digital product/service. While subjective, user experience is improved by adding things like scrollbars, shopping carts, and an overall accessible layout.

Where does a Marketing Agency Come in?

With our expertise in web development, web design, website management, and search engine optimization strategy, we are more than equipped to assist your business, especially small businesses who are seeking growth.
Our front-end developers utilize their knowledge of programming languages (ex: HTML, CSS, & Javascript) when building or improving your website, keeping your visual design vision in mind.
No matter your industry, our development team will help renovate, restore, or build a high quality website that enhances your business’ authority - one with a user-centered design, one that provides accurate information, and one that represents your brand well.