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The Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

The digital age is upon us. You (and most people you know) likely have social media accounts to keep up with family and friends, but how can social media help your business?
Like your website, your social media accounts are “faces” of your business. The key to enhancing your business’ social media strategy is to provide valuable content for your target audience.
Think of your favorite brands on social media. Why are they your favorite? Perhaps their style of advertising appeals to you. Maybe their digital content is organized in a way that especially appeals to their target audience. They probably prioritize brand awareness, and their marketing efforts likely reflect that distinct brand.
This targeted approach across social media channels can benefit your business, too. You can be creative in your approach, offering different types of content like traditional posts, live videos, ads, stories, giveaways, and more to your target audience.
Establishing a social media content strategy will help you organize content in a way that assists your potential customers and builds brand loyalty. The more valuable content posted, the more engagement your business will get, generating new customers and encouraging referrals. Other benefits can be found on Coschedule's Social Media Marketing blog.

What can a marketing agency do for my small business’ social media?

But who has time to constantly update Facebook or Instagram? Let our social media experts take over for you. We conduct research to find your target audience and tailor your content marketing strategy to that group of people, increasing your customer loyalty.
This will build brand awareness and increase real time engagement on social media sites. And if you don’t have social media accounts? Let us help you establish a social media presence for your business!

How Can I Tell if My Social Media Marketing Strategy is Really Working?

Each quarter, we review social media analytics with our clients, adjusting our content strategy to your business goals. Social media analytics help our team adjust our content marketing campaigns over time, as they give our team the knowledge of what strategies are most effective.
Curious to see if you’re making any mistakes with your social media strategy? This B2C article offers reasons it might not be effective including a lack of vision/purpose, the absence of a theme or style, or failure to appeal to your target audience.
Our team knows the best time of day to post, what content resonates most with your customer base, and what works in the industry. With Hiveminded, you'll have the advantage of social media experts.