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What is Search Engine Optimization?

In the digital age we currently live in, it is important to ensure your business appears and performs well on relevant site searches. One way you can step up your business’ online game is improving your SEO, or search engine optimization. This will translate into better business whether you operate solely online or run a storefront.
SEO is a marketing tool that helps Google along with other search engines find your company’s website quickly. For example, if you’re like most internet users, you won’t scroll past one or two result pages on Google.
Instead, you’ll focus on the pieces of content that appear first. Make no mistake, this is not a coincidence; they appear first because part of their SEO strategy has prioritized their page ranking.
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How can I Incorporate it into my Digital Marketing Strategy?

SEO is just your business’ response to data. When done right, an SEO strategy should include adjustments, both minor and major, to help your business show up for the community.
For your business, one might suggest enriching your website’s text with certain keywords, editing your meta description, or changing your title tag to better fit your audiences’ search queries.
For another business, it might mean improving their website’s user experience, altering their anchor text, adding internal links to their content, and researching their competitor’s activity.
Link building for your target audience, improving user experience design, and keeping click through rates in mind when creating content, will improve your referral traffic gradually.
Establishing an SEO strategy can benefit your business in many ways (check out a list here). The most meaningful benefits include lower advertisement costs and greater brand authority in your community. If you choose to hire experts in SEO, this occurs while you, the site owner, sit back and watch your website gain more traffic.

What SEO Services Does Hiveminded Have to Offer?

Our team of copywriters and data analysts is prepared to create a custom SEO strategy for your business. If you’re unsure about how to get started with SEO work, let's connect. You'll remain in full control of your content, we'll just optimize your page ranking factors (search engine results).
After conducting a site audit, our team will familiarize ourselves with how your business is currently performing on search results given the current search volume. We might suggest adding in target keywords, improving your UX design, and adding in high quality links for the sake of page optimization.
The collection of data over at least 6 months will inform our continued recommendations on how to improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

What SEO Tools are Most Useful?

SEMRush & Google Search Console are two of the most frequently utilized tools for SEO strategy at Hiveminded. They give our team insight into what is currently working for your business and what isn’t. These tools are highly sophisticated, and deriving benefits from them requires time. Our team is only able to understand the success of an SEO strategy after collecting long-term data.