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What is Local Marketing and Why is it Important?

There are plenty of big marketing companies out there willing to use their New York strategies for your Springfield, Missouri dollar.
Your marketing goals are best met by companies like yours - local marketing agencies who are familiar with the local audience and local intent. They too are small businesses in your community, so they understand your local marketing value.
Local marketing refers to a strategy tailored to a specific, local audience. For your business, this might include launching an email marketing campaign to local businesses, sponsoring local events (posting start and end dates and times), or adding local links to your website. This occurs across various digital channels and should be applied to your existing digital marketing strategy.
Some ideas for effective local marketing campaigns can be found on this Lightspeed HQ blog about Local Marketing.

A Hiveminded Guide to Google My Business

Did you know Google is used for 70% of online searches? Google My Business is an important marketing tool for local businesses because it boosts your business' reputation with Google. First, it displays relevant information about your business, your hours of operation, contact details, and/or a link to your local site. It also allows you to make posts, create events, and advertise your special deals/discounts.
Optimizing your business' Google my Business minimizes your customers’ confusion/frustration, making it easy for them to find you via local mobile searches.

Improve Your Local Search Visibility With Hiveminded

Hiveminded has a clear edge, as we are immersed in the local economy and local business network you’re seeking to grow in. We know the value of your locally made product/service and specialize in local SEO research, tailored to your business on a smaller-scale. Investing in your local marketing strategy, perhaps with blog posts or other specific types of digital marketing like social media posts, will improve your local rankings.
To improve your business' visibility, our experts will perform keyword research, investigate local SEO strategy, and research local marketing campaigns (especially in regard to your top competitors). Perhaps your business would benefit from adding long tail keywords to your website.
Not only are we driven to help you because we are passionate about growing local businesses - we also have a stake in the local Springfield community. Every dollar spent at Hiveminded (and at your local business) bolsters the local community, our friends, and our families.
Let’s strengthen our community together.