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Make a Visual Statement With Creative Designs and Quality Graphics

In 2018 a global consulting firm published a 5-year study confirming the importance of design. By monitoring 100,000 design actions and studying 2 million pieces of financial data, they found a 32% revenue increase in companies focused on design. They also found shareholders in design-led companies had 56% higher returns.

Simply stated, businesses that focus on design grow.

What Should I Know About Graphic Design?

Take a moment to think about what makes up your unique identity. Your habits, mannerisms, beliefs, and all your choices. It gets complex, right? Your brand identity should be just as unique as you. Think about your style, colors, tones, and voice. Each design element layers together to create a brand worth remembering.

While this is an art, it is also a science. Our designers consider how color inspires emotion, why shapes provoke thought, and what it takes to trigger dopamine and make you memorable. The best designers understand the psychological principals working under the surface.

How Do I Tell My Story Through Design?

To tell your story, start with the basics. Who is your perfect target audience and what unique feature or benefit makes you stand out. We find it helps to Imagine your business as a person and then create their persona. Are they serious or spunky? Do they fly under the radar or live life out loud? Consider the emotion and thought you want to evoke. Then research what design elements can help you bring your business persona to life.

Want to tell your story but don't have the time to invest in the work and research? Don't sweat it! Our hive is home to great designers ready to guide you through the process.