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The Importance of Content Marketing: A Hiveminded Guide

The Hiveminded team specializes in content marketing. This consists of creating content tailored to your target audience, furthering your long-term business goals and brand awareness. Content marketing is an intentional marketing strategy that showcases what your business has to offer, appealing directly to your buyer personas. To better understand current industry trends surrounding content marketing, check out this HubSpot blog.
Often, content strategy applies to digital marketing (like social media marketing, blog posts, webinars, video content, and more). It also encompasses print marketing, too! These will not only educate your target audience but will also demonstrate your expertise, distinguishing your business from its competition.

Building Your Strategy: Where Should you Start?

A business owner who sells low-waste products should consider hosting a webinar on going low waste or reducing your carbon footprint. With this, business owners should also consider ranking factors like the meta tag, meta description, the page's user experience, etc.
This is a great example of strategic marketing targeting specific buyer personas. In this case, the business targets those interested in saving the environment (find a longer list of examples here). This content is valuable for the business’ audience because it educates them.
Creating a content strategy builds trust among your customers via local marketing. Once you establish a strategy, your target audience should consider your local business an authority.

Why do Small Businesses Need Content Marketing in 2021?

Content marketing improves your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, increasing traffic to your website and social media accounts. Competing with others outside of Springfield, MO however, is difficult.
One way to optimize your business' local SEO is to utilize tools like Google my Business along with Google Search Console. Here’s where a full service marketing agency like HIVEMINDED Marketing comes in.
We specialize in the optimization of your business’ online presence, including your ranking on search engines. Leave it to a marketing agency to research target keywords and investigate the competitors in your local area. This allows us to customize your marketing campaign. We might even create a content calendar to thoughtfully organize your content.
At Hiveminded, the goal is to connect your customers to your business in a meaningful way. This leads your local community to refer your business to others. This also means your business will rank higher in local searches.
Even a simple blog post on your website offers your customer base valuable educational information. It also improves your search engine rankings, drawing in more traffic. This is why content marketing is so important. Let us write for you!