Bigger than a business card and less expensive than paid print advertisements, brochures still pack a punch. These easy to distribute pamphlets come in many shapes, sizes, quality, and quantity. This makes them flexible, scalable, and less risky than other marketing options.

Bowman Insurance Brochure

bowman insurance brochure outside
bowman insurance brochure inside

Exquisite Renovations Brochure

exquisite renovations brochure mockup

HIVEMINDED Marketing Brochure

hiveminded marketing brochure mockup

Business Cards

While we won’t deny the dominance of digital marketing, print advertisement comes with several advantages. For business cards, the big advantage is credibility and convenience. Cards are small, easy to keep on hand, versatile, and make a status statement that is hard to ignore.

headway studio business card
exquisite renovations business cards mockup
diwhyknot business card mockup

Custom Icons

Iconography is a system of communication that blends image and idea. We could write several paragraphs explaining the benefits, but this list will do for now:

Icons are easily recognizable, encourage quick action, help users navigate your site, save valuable website space, enhance site functionality, make content scannable, and show brand consistency. 

hiveminded service icons
ipc custom service icons

T-Shirt Design

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? This versatile powerhouse is a promotional staple for a reason. Not only is it affordable, the wearer walks your brand around town. Plus, it signals a personal recommendation. Marketers and salespeople alike know that personal recommendations are the best recommendations.

simple bee logo tshirt mockup
hiveminded badge tshirt mockup
hiveminded honey jar tshirt mockup

Product Box Design

The saying don’t judge a book by the cover is nice in theory, but naïve in reality. As a species, humans are visual creatures. In fact, our eyes handle over 80% of perception. Packaging matters. For in-store shopping, packaging needs to be eye-catching. For online shopping, packaging should make the recipient excited to open. Online shoppers love to take photos of their boxes or feature them in unboxing videos. We can’t forget that they are also crucial to protecting products and reducing the loss caused by damaged goods.

diwhyknot product box mockup